The house and amenities

Cedar Cliff was built in the Prairie Craftsman style, a clean and direct design that hints at the Mission Oak furniture style so popular in the early years of this century, and experiencing a revival today. The house sits solidly on bedrock, looking south over Lake Superior.

The property features 270 feet of stunning Superior lakeshore. The shoreline here runs more east and west than north and south. The east or up-lake shore is 30 degrees off true magnetic east. Look true east and you are pointed at Cape Gargantua 260 miles away in Ontario. 

  The down-lake shore toward Duluth is more or less west. At certain times of the year, you can stand on our rocky point and see the sun both rise and set over Lake Superior.

The Great Hall stretches across the entire front of the house, taking in Lake Superior from 10 deep windows and a pair of French doors that open onto a small porch providing a stunning vantage point for watching the lake or listening to the waves pound on the shore below.  The windows all open to let that marvelous sound into the house. There are large screened porches at each end of the Great Hall. On the east is the Morning Porch, served by another pair of French doors. On the west is the Afternoon Porch, where a hammock hangs in the warmer months. Both porches have screened doors leading to the yard.

The kitchen, which has an entrance from its own small screened porch, is 9.5 by 14 feet. Our fully-equipped kitchen boasts a five-burner, double-oven gas convection range. It is well stocked with cooking utensils, a coffee maker, and glasses and dishes for every occasion. Organic coffee, tea, spices and condiments are complimentary.

The master bedroom, 11 by 20 feet, is on the ground level. Featuring a king size bed and a fold-out couch, it has four large windows facing north and west plus its own entry to the main-level bathroom, a full bath.

Also on the main floor, just opposite the master bedroom and near the main bath is what we call the map room, after the large map/depth chart of Lake Superior on the wall. Sleeping three, this room could be ideal for a small family in your group.

On the second floor, at the west end of the balcony, you enter a hallway that serves three bedrooms and a second full bathroom. The first of these is 10 by 12.5 feet, has two windows facing west and a small window which opens onto the Great Hall, providing a view of the lake. At the top of the stairs is what the original owner called the Chaperone's Room. Featuring its own private bath with a classic clawfoot tub, this room has the cozy feel of home.

*The facility is rented as a single unit, not room by room.